Editorial Policy

Editorial Integrity

Our mission here at Lacrosse Pack is to provide the most beneficial, trustworthy, and accurate information about the sport of lacrosse. It is our primary objective to establish Lacrosse Pack as your practical and relevant content source for everything lacrosse.

The Content Creation Process

The Lacrosse Pack team is dedicated to creating quality user content by upholding peak journalistic standards in the lacrosse community. It is for this reason that the Lacrosse Pack team ensures that all content adheres to the following guidelines:

Originality – Every piece of content that is created on this site is meant to be authentic and unique so as to avoid regurgitating information that is already on the Internet. We accomplish this by presenting resourceful information in a digestible manner and injecting a little bit of our own personality into the content itself. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden.

Relevance – All published content on this site is specialized toward helping you on your lacrosse journey. Any content that fails to meet this standard is immediately deemed unfit for publishing.

Sources – A major part of presenting the best available information on lacrosse is utilizing credible sources that hold merit within the lacrosse community. It is for this reason that we do our best to perform our own research and use primary sources wherever possible to preserve a relationship of trust between writer and reader.

Voice – The content is written from the perspective of the individual writer in charge of that specific article. This way, we can share our own experiences with the game of lacrosse where it makes sense to do so. By divulging our own personal experiences, it is our intention to help you better grasp the content without taking away from the purpose of the article itself.

The Editorial Process

Each piece of content undergoes a rigorous proofreading process where it is ensured that all of the content creation standards are met prior to publishing. Every article is reviewed by a Lacrosse Pack team member that is intimately familiar with the sport of lacrosse to verify the authenticity of the information provided.

If any of the content fails to pass the proofreading process, the content is reworked until it meets our superior level of expectation.

Your Feedback is Welcome

Even with the stringent writing and proofreading standards we have put into place, there are some occasional typos that slip through the cracks. If you happen to stumble upon one of these typos, feel free to reach out! Your feedback is always appreciated.