Average Lacrosse Helmet Cost (With 15 Real Price Examples)

The helmet is a mandatory piece of protective equipment in the game of lacrosse. Since most newcomers to lacrosse do not have the luxury of a hand me down, the only real option to pick up a lacrosse helmet is to buy one. The first thought that usually comes to mind when beginning the search for a new lacrosse helmet is price.

The average cost of an adult lacrosse helmet is $210, with the lowest priced adult helmet being $120 and the highest priced adult helmet being $290. The average cost of a youth lacrosse helmet is $143, with the lowest priced youth helmet being $110 and the highest priced helmet being $240.

See the data below to see the 15 real price examples used to calculate the numbers above. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about what favorable aspects to look for in a lacrosse helmet prior to purchase to get the best bang for your buck, this information is discussed in the latter portions of the article.

Average Cost of Adult Lacrosse Helmet

I recorded the explicit costs of 9 different lacrosse helmets from a couple of major lacrosse helmet distributors. These lacrosse companies were lax.com and LacrosseMonkey.com.

All of the specific helmet price points have been input into the infographic below:

The lowest priced adult lacrosse helmet is the Fatboy Covert Box Helmet Combo 18 PX2 at $120. The highest priced adult lacrosse helmet is the Cascade S Custom Lacrosse Helmet at $290.

According to the data, the average cost of an adult lacrosse helmet is $210 on the dot.

This data is compiled in the table below:

Lowest Cost of Adult Lacrosse Helmet$120
Highest Cost of Adult Lacrosse Helmet$290
Average Cost of Adult Lacrosse Helmet$210

Average Cost of Youth Lacrosse Helmet

I reported the specific prices of 6 different youth lacrosse helmets from a couple of renowned helmet distributors in the lacrosse industry. These lacrosse companies were SportStop.com and LacrosseMonkey.com.

The data findings were documented in the infographic below:

The lowest priced youth lacrosse helmet is the STX Stallion 100 Youth Lacrosse Helmet at $110. The highest priced youth lacrosse helmet is the Cascade S Youth Custom Lacrosse Helmet at $240.

According to the data, the average cost of a youth lacrosse helmet is $143.

These data findings are organized in the table below:

Lowest Cost of Youth Lacrosse Helmet$110
Highest Cost of Youth Lacrosse Helmet$240
Average Cost of Youth Lacrosse Helmet$143

Why are Youth Lacrosse Helmets Less Costly on Average?

When comparing the cost data between the adult lacrosse helmets and the youth lacrosse helmets, the average price of a youth lacrosse is significantly lower. This is no coincidence. There are a couple of reasons as to why youth lacrosse helmets are priced lower than adult lacrosse helmets.

Less Material Required for Manufacturing: Youth players have yet to reach their full physical development. Their heads are much smaller than the average adult.

As a result, less material is needed to produce these youth lacrosse helmets relative to adult lacrosse helmets. This reduction in material costs is reflected in the overall reduced price point of youth lacrosse helmets.

Youth Players Eventually Grow Out of These Helmets: In addition, youth lacrosse players are growing individuals. For this reason, it is likely that these players will outgrow their helmet within a year or two. By nature, youth lacrosse helmets do not last too many seasons.

Adult lacrosse helmets, on the other hand, can last for a multitude of lacrosse seasons because the prospect of a player outgrowing their helmet is not really a factor.

Helmet manufacturers are aware of this, which is why they decrease the price of youth lacrosse helmets to compensate for this fact.

Average Cost of Helmet Chinstrap

There is not much variation in the average cost of a lacrosse helmet chinstrap, simply because there is not much selection in this area. The price point of lacrosse helmet chinstraps vary anywhere from $7 to $10. Some real price examples are listed in the table below:

Lacrosse Helmet ChinstrapPriceSource
Cascade Lacrosse Helmet Chinstrap$10Universal Lacrosse
Warrior HEADstrong Lacrosse Helmet Chinstrap$10SportStop.com
Brine Lacrosse Helmet Chinstrap$7Sportstop.com

Generally, lacrosse helmets come pre-packaged with the chinstrap, so you do not have to worry about having to buy this piece of equipment separately. The only time where players really have to exclusively purchase a lacrosse helmet chinstrap is if their current chinstrap is broken.

What to Look for in a Dependable Lacrosse Helmet to Get the Most Out of Your Purchase

There are a couple of specific characteristics to look for in a reliable lacrosse helmet. Analyzing these facets will help you to make an informed decision as to what lacrosse helmet makes the most sense for you and your available budget.

Top of the Line Protection

The foremost feature that you should look for in a lacrosse helmet is safety. The helmet is undeniably the most important piece of protective equipment in lacrosse. Lacrosse helmets protect players from potential concussions and damage to the head and neck area.

For this reason it is imperative that you ensure that the lacrosse helmet that you are purchasing is from a reputable lacrosse company. Some examples of major lacrosse helmet manufacturing companies include Cascade, Warrior and STX. Many lacrosse players use helmets from these companies year after year.

One way to verify that a lacrosse helmet is safe is to search for a sticker that marks the helmet as NOCSAE Certified. NOCSAE stands for National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment. This company is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the safety of athletic equipment by means of scientific research.

Even if the NOCSAE Certified helmet sticker is present, it is still important that you do some of your own personal research to ensure that the helmet is still up to safety standards. In the past, certain lacrosse helmets have been labeled as unsuitable for play due to renewed helmet safety standards. For more information on this subject, you can check out The New York Times article here.

Light Weight

Another factor to consider when searching for a reasonably priced, high caliber lacrosse helmet is the physical weight of the helmet. Generally, light weight helmet helmets are more optimal for player performance on the field.

It is important that the player is able to adequately support the pressure of the lacrosse helmet, particularly for youth players. Excess strain on the neck muscles should be avoided wherever possible. Finding a lightweight helmet can make a tremendous difference in lifting some of this burden off of the neck muscles, especially since a competitive player will be wearing this helmet nearly every day.

A heavy lacrosse helmet can also weigh a lacrosse player can down. This excess load can make it more challenging for a player to maneuver their head around, which has a slight impact on reaction speed. Needless to say, it is favorable to avert these adverse effects if possible.

Unhindered Vision

In addition, it is crucial to take into account the clearness of vision that a lacrosse helmet provides. This largely has to do with the face mask and the fit of the helmet itself.

It is important that the helmet fits the player in such a way that they can see through the top bar of the lacrosse helmet. You do not want the helmet tilted too low so that the player cannot see through the face mask at all. Nor do you want the helmet tilted too high so the player is looking through the second bar of the face mask.

The top bar of the helmet face mask is the most optimal place for a player to look through in terms of superlative safety and vision.

Overall Comfort

The final element that should be taken into account is the overall comfort of the helmet.

As aforementioned, lacrosse players spend a whole lot of time with their helmet on. They will have their helmet on for endless hours of lacrosse practices and games. For this reason, it is essential that the player feels at ease in their helmet.

With that being said, the comfort of the lacrosse helmet should not come at the expense of safety. A lacrosse helmet should fit relatively snug to prevent any head rattling during physical contact. Most lacrosse helmets come equipped with adjustable padding and an adjustable clip to help achieve this delicate equilibrium between comfort and safety.

Is the Cost of a Lacrosse Helmet Justified?

Out of all the pieces of lacrosse equipment, the expensive cost of a lacrosse helmet is the most deserving of its price point. Unlike the unnecessarily extreme price discrepancies in lacrosse sticks, the expensive cost of lacrosse helmets are actually somewhat valid. A lacrosse helmet needs to be high quality in order to prevent any severe injury from coming to the player.

It is far better to invest some extra money in a lacrosse helmet to minimize the likelihood of injury as much as possible. Spending some money to ensure your health long term is honestly the best investment that you can make in the sport of lacrosse.

That being said, there is certainly a broad price range when it comes to lacrosse helmets. The price point of the lacrosse helmets that encroach upon the $290 echelon may not be as justified compared to some of the other helmets in the $120 range. We will discuss whether or not these higher end lacrosse helmets are worth the price of purchase next.

Is It Worth It to Purchase a Higher End Lacrosse Helmet?

Lacrosse helmets are essentially just like any other product out there in that there are a couple of brands on the bottom and one or two brands at the top. I am of the opinion that there is not any discernible difference in level of safety or manufacture quality with the higher end lacrosse helmets compared to the lower end ones.

In fact, some of these so called “higher end” lacrosse helmets were deemed ineligible for play in recent years, specifically the Cascade R Helmet and the Warrior Regulator Helmet. Both of these models were extremely popular lacrosse helmets for a number of years. In fact, I actually wore the Cascade R Helmet for several years prior to it being blacklisted.

You can see in the image above that it looks the part of a secure, trustworthy lacrosse helmet. The helmet manufacturer Cascade is also one of the most reputable companies in the lacrosse company. Since 1986, Cascade has been producing lacrosse helmets for players all over the world, from the youth level to the collegiate level.

Unfortunately, the aesthetic appeal and the reputable company backing behind the Cascade R Helmet did not matter.

This just goes to show that even if the lacrosse community perceives the higher priced helmets as top of the line, this might not necessarily be the truth. Honestly, the lower priced lacrosse helmets will likely do the job just as well as some of the higher priced lacrosse helmets in terms of safety and player performance.

But at the end of the day, the final decision comes down to your preferences and available budget. Players need to at least have some sort of idea in their mind of what they want in their lacrosse helmet prior to purchase. The only way to accomplish that is to do some research and read through a couple of firsthand reviews of what other players had to say about these helmets.

Are Used Lacrosse Helmets a Viable Option?

Used lacrosse helmets are definitely a viable option. There are numerous places online where you can purchase used lacrosse helmets at an inexpensive price.

The main drawback with this method is ensuring that the lacrosse helmet is still up to safety standards. As a general rule of thumb, the safety certification of lacrosse helmets expire after approximately three seasons. After this expiration date, it is important players take the time to re-certify their lacrosse helmet to make sure it is safe for play.

The last thing you want to do is purchase a used lacrosse helmet online and find out that the helmet is not up to safety standards. For this reason, I would advise purchasing other used lacrosse equipment as opposed to a lacrosse helmet.

I would try to cut down costs in equipment areas where the safety risk is not so high. The lacrosse helmet is about as important of a piece of protective equipment as it gets in the realm of lacrosse. I personally would not want to take on any more safety risks than necessary by investing in a potentially hazardous used lacrosse helmet.

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