About Lacrosse Pack

Lacrosse Pack is a website dedicated to growing the game of lacrosse by spreading knowledge and awareness to the online community.

I’m Austin Carmody. I am the owner of Lacrosse Pack. I purchased the domain name LacrossePack in 2020 with one sole goal in mind: to give back to the game that gave me so much as a kid.

Lacrosse was a cornerstone of my childhood and teenage years. My overarching goal was, and still is, to share my lacrosse knowledge and experience on the web to help others uncover their passion for the sport. The information that I share on this website is a blend of my own personal experience and comprehensive internet research. Every week my team and I publish a new article to keep up to date with the ever changing ebbs and flows of the sport.

The journey of Lacrosse Pack was not all sunshine and rainbows. This website was one of my first real attempts at stepping into the intimidating world of internet marketing. I have to confess that getting this project off the ground was very overwhelming at first. At one point I almost called it quits because it just seemed like a pipe dream, a far cry from an attainable aspiration.

But if you have ever met me in real life, you know that I’m extremely stubborn. This stubbornness drove me forward to keep creating content, even though the website was essentially a ghost town for over a year long period.

Eventually, I gradually noticed an uptick in my audience. Those couple of monthly viewers slowly turned into hundreds. Then, those hundreds became thousands! Slowly but surely, Lacrosse Pack grew until I had a viable business on my hands Thank you to all you pioneer readers of Lacrosse Pack. You motivated to keep pushing out content and hit publish through the early days even when this site was a ghost town.

Ever since its conception in 2020, Lacrosse Pack has continued to expand and prosper. It has established a name for itself in the online lacrosse industry. Be a part of the revolution and join the lax pack!